Let's Rethink Pleasant Street

To keep Pleasant Street relevant and vibrant, we are assessing function, aesthetics and infrastructure needs based upon extensive input from members of the community and business owners. We want your opinion!

Preliminary Design Concepts

Preliminary Streetscape Design


Your Opinion Matters! 



A Virtual Public Meeting was held on September 15th 

The first of two public meetings to gather input on the Pleasant Street project was held on September 15th at 6:00 p.m. via ZOOM. 


Options on sidewalk materials, trees, and site furniture were be presented with a survey function and chat responses to get feedback from members of the community. A link to the meeting video on the project Facebook page is posted below along with the meeting presentation and a link to download the video file of the meeting.


Click here to download the
public meeting presentation

Click here to watch the zoom meeting on the project Facebook page

Click here to watch and download the video of the zoom meeting

Contact Info


Nancy Merrill

Director, Planning & Economic Development


(603) 504-0340


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